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Today David Cameron made a speech in Manchester on the Eurozone crisis. He argued that it’s time to “make up, or break up”. Like something out of a cheap soap opera, the UK Prime Minister is speculating and his party is briefing furiously that there’s simply no getting away from the course we’re on. Austerity is the way forwards, and Greece in particular has to get on with it; as is, no questions asked – as that famous Fleetwood Mac song goes.

And isn’t this whole debate taking on a rather dated, 1980s feel to it. There’s no alternative for Greece, even though its exit from the Eurozone would spread a contagion that could quite easily break the Euro and seriously damage Britain’s already tepid, stalled recovery. So what’s the plan Dave? Where do we go next? Any clue? What of Francois Hollande’s ‘Changement’? And what are the odds on an 11th government falling in the Eurozone since 2008?

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So what can the Left read into last weekend’s 1st round French Presidential poll results? Well quite a bit actually. Francois Hollande, the Socialist candidate, won with 28.6% of the vote, out-doing even the positive exit polls that flashed across our screens early Sunday evening. Current President Nicolas Sarkozy came a close second, with 27.2%, but second at this stage of the contest is nowhere. The biggest surprise was perhaps the performance of Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National, with 17.9% of the vote. But was it really a shock? Has French politics shifted to the right? How will the run-off between Hollande and Sarkozy play-out on 6th May? Read on for more!

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