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So, a new year, a new start – for all of us. A chance to look back at 2012, with all its great moments and those we’d prefer to forget. Like any other year really. But it’s also an opportunity to look forward. Whether it be New Year resolutions or just learning from our mistakes, we all look to the New Year with a sense of optimism.

It’s with that optimism, and a firm sense of fun, that I present to you 5 predictions from across the worlds of politics, the arts, travel and sport – the original topics of this blog. Enjoy!

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The view from Time Square

Anyone that knows me knows that I love Musical Theatre – for that is its original name. More popularly, and certainly since the dawn of the 20th Century, simply called ‘musicals‘. Now this isn’t going to be a history lesson – but rather my take on the phenomenon that is the musical, and how simply put, it makes our lives that little bit more entertaining and enjoyable.

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What I’ve been saying…

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