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So after a short hiatus – where real-world novelty and excitement has meant it has now been nearly a month since I last posted here – I’m back, and with a two new focusses to add to this blog…

1) Higher Education and Social Enterprise

I have always been passionate about not only the Third and Volunteering sectors, but also the Higher Education sector. Indeed the last 10 years of my life have been dedicated to them.

With a brand new full-time role under my belt, embedding social entrepreneurship (sustainable do-gooding for those to whom this vernacular is foreign) and enterprise within universities across England,  it seems very appropriate to be talking about a subject area that is so dear to my heart (all views my own of course!)

For politics alone will not change society – but rather the combination of a committed, grassroots movement, who embrace and drive forwards change. Higher Education is a hugely fertile ground for this, and I’m here to say more!

2) Sport: wherefore art thou?

One of the original focussed of this blog was to have been the world of Sport. Another passion of mine, and one that I have strong views on – as with the other topics listed here under the ‘categories’ section.

Those of you with a keen eye (and probably those without too!) will have spotted that I have so far posted a total of ‘0’ blogs on the topic. Never fear though – this will be changing over the coming months!

Right, update over – on to the blogs!


I launched this blog back in Summer 2010, fully with the intention of using it regularly and making it as informative as possible.

Sadly, that never happened. It may sound arrogant to say, but I hadn’t yet “found my voice”. It’s safe to say that this has now changed, and I hope that this blog will be a regular missive to the outside world – and hopefully a growing number of regular readers – on a whole range of topics.

Most of all though you’ll see me write about politics, the centre-left in the UK, and the direction in which I think not only the Labour Party, but also the wider labour movement and ‘big tent Left’, in order to eject this right-wing, ideologically divisive Conservative / Lib Dem government from office.

More importantly though: how we build a fairer, more prosperous society for all – with an economy that matches our ambitions. For that, everyone has a viewpoint worth listening too, and I hope to add to that debate. Starting today.

So bear with me at first, but in time I’m sure you’ll find this blog to be interesting, engaging and entertaining – hopefully in equal measure!


What I’ve been saying…

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