Life: Left of Centre

For Mum

Posted on: March 2, 2012

ImageIt’s coming up to 6 months since my Mum, Carol Ptashko, passed away after a short but terrible illness. It’s been a busy 6 months, and in many ways one to forget, but for the support of friends and family, too numerous to thank here.

But while it has been a difficult time it is the memorable moments ahead that help us to think back to the good times we’ve all shared with loved ones. For anyone with which this resonates, this post is for you as it  is for her.

This week has been especially significant for me as I’ve taken part in my first local Labour selection for Camden Council, which was a hugely rewarding process and one during which I’ve been lucky enough to receive praise from local residents, candidates and councillors alike. I’m very grateful for this.

I’ve also secured an exciting project in Africa, which I’ll be working on throughout April. It’s at times like these that you think back to those who mean so much to you, and Mum is right there in my thoughts. I know she’d have been proud of me and she gives me extra motivation to go on and achieve what I want from life. It is, after all, far too short.

So this post is dedicated to Carol, with a lovely photo of her favourite flower – the lilly, whose scent and colour are as idyllic as all our hopes and dreams for the future, and what tomorrow might bring. I’ll close with a copy of the poem that I wrote and read out at Mum’s funeral, in memory of her today.

For Mum.

Mum. Where did you go?

I’ve been looking for you, searching, but I cannot find.

Wait. A laugh, a smile. A shard of light.

And then? Darkness. Nothing.

Life goes on.

I see you, then and now.

But all in a blur.

Memories, lost beneath the pain.

Can this be real? Another person’s life, perhaps.

But no. Life goes on.

I hear you clearly still.

Be happy, look after each other, do what you’ve been told.

Far easier said than done.

Yet we will. For you. All for you.

Life goes on.

I remember your touch.

A smile. A tear. A spark of happiness.

So brave. So strong.

All the good times. The laughter, and the sun.

Just for you. Life goes on.

In loving memory of Carol Ptashko, Mum, who passed away on Wednesday 28th September, 2011


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