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Why I <3 Camden Town

Posted on: February 28, 2012

Don’t we all? Since I’ve started living in London, having moved down from the Midlands – where I spent my formative years, childhood and education – I’ve lived both in Islington and in Camden. Both fantastic parts of London to live in, with rich histories. But It’s Camden’s that want to focus on here.

Since the mid-20th century, and the establishment of the Borough in 1965, Camden Town has grown into a flourishing centre of commerce and entertainment, out of its industrial roots – yet it has retained all its charm and its history.

You can see from the photo above that in many ways it is a microcosm of London itself – diverse, a mixture of old and new, colourful, thriving – and above all accepting of ‘newness’. By that I mean new ideas, new trends, new culture and most of all new people. While it has a reputation for appealing especially to young people, it appeals to tourists, minorities and those people that are both young at heart, and wanting to start a-new themselves.

That’s no coincidence. The mix of markets, landmarks, media and a weird and wonderful variety of shops and artistic flourishes – whether painting or sculpture – provide for an atmosphere that is unlike any other in London. That sense of freedom to be who you want to be, get lost in a crowd, or simply gain that little extra motivation to take that jump into the unknown that many of us face, but often turn down. That is born of the environment and the values of the people that inhabit it.

I’m proud to live in Camden, just north of Camden Town itself, with Regent’s Canal running right through it, Hampstead above it, the stunning Primrose Hill next door, metropolitan Euston and Centre below and Old St. Pancras stationed just nearby. Such difference, energy and well, feeling of being alive, is infectious and its a constant drive for me, my left-of-centre politics and my love of life.

What do you love about Camden Town, or even North London?

Leave your comments below. I’ll try and feature in a future post if you do!


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