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Don’t we all? Since I’ve started living in London, having moved down from the Midlands – where I spent my formative years, childhood and education – I’ve lived both in Islington and in Camden. Both fantastic parts of London to live in, with rich histories. But It’s Camden’s that want to focus on here.

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It seems as though almost everyone – both inside and outside of the political sphere – has had their say on Ed Miliband. So here are my two pennies…

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I launched this blog back in Summer 2010, fully with the intention of using it regularly and making it as informative as possible.

Sadly, that never happened. It may sound arrogant to say, but I hadn’t yet “found my voice”. It’s safe to say that this has now changed, and I hope that this blog will be a regular missive to the outside world – and hopefully a growing number of regular readers – on a whole range of topics.

Most of all though you’ll see me write about politics, the centre-left in the UK, and the direction in which I think not only the Labour Party, but also the wider labour movement and ‘big tent Left’, in order to eject this right-wing, ideologically divisive Conservative / Lib Dem government from office.

More importantly though: how we build a fairer, more prosperous society for all – with an economy that matches our ambitions. For that, everyone has a viewpoint worth listening too, and I hope to add to that debate. Starting today.

So bear with me at first, but in time I’m sure you’ll find this blog to be interesting, engaging and entertaining – hopefully in equal measure!


What I’ve been saying…

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